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Dry Ice Plants

We are one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of dry ice plants. Dry ice is the solid form of liquid CO2. Dry Ice changes directly from a solid to a gas -sublimation- in normal atmospheric conditions without going through a wet liquid stage. Therefore it gets the name "dry ice." Together with carbon dioxide, SS Foundry is also engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of dry ice.

Dry ice machine is considered as one of the useful tools that has found several applications in various industrial and commercial purposes. We produce dry ice by lowering the pressure of liquid CO2 through a nozzle or other bottleneck. There are different types of dry ice machine used to make dry ice in different forms known as dry ice making machines. Dry ice plant available in different capacities and have the following features :
  • They are easy to handle and move
  • It contains quick connect coupling at blasting and transport hose
  • They are lightweight and compact
  • It has a control panel for easy overview
  • It contains a box for gun, nozzles and tools
  • Powerful and handy blasting gun with quick connect coupling
  • Integrated holding device for hose
Some of the applications of dry ice plants are-
  • Hardening of blades is primarily done with the use of dry ice.
  • For finding the tolerance limit shrink fitting is done using dry ice
  • It is being used for cleaning, blasting, using small pellets.
  • Heat sensitive chemical reactions are carried at lower temperature. The temperature is lowered by dry ice.
  • It lowers the temperature, the dry ice evaporates in food preservation and transportation processes.
  • It is extensively used for preservation of meat especially when it is transported to longer distances
  • It is a better alternative as compared to other traditional cleaning methods.
  • Dry ice blasting technology is very beneficial and has certain uses like :
    • Dry ice machine eliminates chances of equipment damage
    • It cause faster & more through cleaning
    • It decreases downtime through cleaning in place
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Long Distance Transportable & Mobile Co2 Tankers

Long distance transportable or Mobile Co2 (carbon dioxide) tankers have a storage tank, constructed in conformity with ISO standard. The storage tank is framed in a figure. All the containers are made to as per the requirement of the customer in line with international specifications. These tanks are suitable for shipping by rail, road or ship.
Operating pressure: 22/g/cm2 Test pressure: upto 30 kg/cm2
Material: Low temp. carbon steel of suitable grade Temperature range: +20 to -50oC
Capacity range: 5 to 50 tons

Long Distance Transportable & Mobile Co2 tankers

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