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Manufacturing Process

Nitrous Oxide is produced by heating ammonium nitrate to a temperature of 250 Degree Celsius. It produces nitrous oxide gas. The molten ammonium nitrate is transferred into a combustible material where it is decomposed as:
NH4NO3 --------- N2O + 2H2O

Our nitrous oxide plants eliminates acidic, basic and other impurity gases, they are washed successfully in the solutions of caustic soda, acid and other chemicals.

The gas containing some nitrogen is stored in the gas balloons. This gas is compressed, dried refrigerated and then stored in the high pressure storage vessels. The liquid nitrogen is drawn by weight. In a low pressure nitrous oxide plant, after refrigeration the gas is stored and then analyzed in the laboratory from each batch. All this is to ensure that the quality of the final product and proper records are duly maintained.

Diagrammatic Representation Of The Manufacturing Process

  1. Melting pot
  2. Decomposition
  3. Primary scrubber and condensor
  4. Gas cooler
  5. Water scrubber
  6. Mist separator
  1. Caustic scrubber
  2. Water/acid scrubber
  3. Gas balloon
  4. N2O compressor
  5. H. p. dryer
  6. N2O liquifier and liquid N2O storage

Our Capacity
For 25 kg and 50 kg/hr plant
NH4NO3 2.1kg/kg of N2O produced
Electrical Power 0.5kw/hr of N2O produced +/- 1% is depending
on local conditions & equipment.
Water 0.4%m3/kg of N2O produced
Labour 2 operators per shift.
Space for Plant 16kg-25kg/hr., 50kg/hr
L 10 meter, 15 meter approximately
W 4 meter, 5 meter approximately
H 4 meter, 4 meter approximately

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