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Nitrous Oxide Plants

Nitrous Oxide plants from S S Gas Lab Asia Pvt. Ltd. are safe and economical plants with an efficient generation system which reduces power consumption and improve safety. N2O is a colorless, non-flammable gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, with a sweet odor and taste. It supports combustion.N2O with oxygen in controlled & measured quantity. It is used as an anesthetic agent and widely known as laughing gas. The nitrous oxide plants is manufactured in conformity with the industrial standards. It is stored in liquid state and can be directly filled into the cylinders. For separation of nitrogen a safety battery assembly is a safety feature. With the increase in standard of living of third world countries nitrous oxide consumption is bound to increase.

Our nitrous oxide gas plants have some salient features and uses and they are enlisted below
  • They provide regeneration facility.
  • These plants have the laboratory and quality control facility.
  • Purification system for removal of impurities is there.
  • There are electrically heated pots with temperature controllers.
  • There are equipments such as safety systems.
  • It is used as propellant in food, perfumes & cosmetics.
  • The oxidizing property of N2O is used for 'etching' microchips.
  • Used for surgical operations.
  • Used as a fuel oxidant for racing vehicles.
  • It is also used as carrier gas in laboratory Instruments.
  • Used as an oxide gas for atomic absorption in spectrophotometry.
Nitrous Oxide Plants

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CO2 Gas Filling Equipment

S. Gas Lab Asia is the leading manufacturers of CO2 Gas Filling Equipment, Gas Filling Machines & Plants. These CO2 Gas Filling Equipment is a combination of
  • CO2 cylinder filling unit
  • CO2 cylinder filling pump
  • Liquid CO2 transfer pump

Product Details :
Machine TypeAutomatic
MaterialStainless Steel, Carbon steel etc
Power SourceElectricity
Surface TreatmentGalvanized

Nitrous Oxide Plants

CO2 Cylinder Filling Unit can be operated either manually or semi-automation. These two types of systems are available for filling of carbon dioxide gas. In semi-automatic the CO2 supply is cut of the moment pressure reaches pre set limit. The top quality of our cut off valves ensures precision fillings and exact cut off timings. The cylinder is then removed from the balance. In the manual option cylinders are removed when the pre-determined volume of CO2 is reached and this is seen by eye.

CO2 Cylinder Filling Pump is a special type of pump which is used to pumps the liquid from the liquid source to the cylinder filling system. These days cylinders are filled more and more with the help of these cylinder filling pump. The pumps are designed specially to take care of liquified CO2 at exceedingly low temperature and pressure (approx, 22kg/cm2) and pumping the same to 80 kg/cm or more in cylinders. The complete piping circumference is made so that the pumps run continuously and the extra liquid returns back to the storehouse.

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