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PSA Nitrogen Plants

S.S Gas Lab's PSA nitrogen plants are ideal for gas propagation, gas drying and gas purification systems. PSA plants is easy to operate and produces nitrogen from atmospheric air, thus cost of nitrogen generation is minimal. PSA nitrogen gas plants are based on pressure swing absorption method. Nitrogen gas which is produced from this plant is high in purity and economic. It can achieve 99.9% purity level. Nitrogen produced can be used in various industrial units. Different capacity models can be developed in PSA Nitrogen gas plants to produce commercial as well as ultra pure nitrogen. These PSA gas plants are based on PSA technology which is the selective adsorption phenomena of gas molecules under pressure on the surface of highly porous and efficient adsorptive.

Salient features
Some of the features and applications of PSA nitrogen gas plants are enlisted below :
  • Simple to operate
  • Economical ( cost generation of nitrogen gas is low )
  • There is no petroleum fuels required - only electrical power and cooling water needed for nitrogen generation
  • They are fully automatic start-up by single push button
  • Start-up time is only 5-minutes to get nitrogen of desired purity
  • Very compact skid mounted units supplied, duly assembled from our factory
  • Life of carbon molecular services guaranteed for more than 10 years on continuous operation basis
PSA gas plants is also finding its applications in various industries such as :
  1. Chemical industry
  2. Electronic industry
  3. Synthetic & fiber industry
  4. Metallurgical industry
  5. Optical fiber industry
  6. Pharmaceutical industry
  7. Food Packaging industry
PSA Nitrogen Plants

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