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Storage & Transport of Food Grains

During food grains storage and transport post harvest loss of food grains is a serious threat to food industry. In general , more than 4.0 million tonnes of food grains is lost per year and the cost to the economy due to this loss is enormous.
Storage and Transport of Food Grains

During last decade, we have witnessed a great imbalance between the improved technology to enhance the crop production and famine. Effective post harvest technology protects the harvest grains from insects, mites, rodents, fungi and bacteria until it reaches the consumers. Hence, construction of sophisticated structures for food grains storage and transportation included curing and aeration. Fumigation is the most important element in a strategy to save food grains by food grains storage & transport of food grains

Today, we have methods like chemical pest control and other traditional methods for preservation of food grain. For reduction of post harvest losses these methods are used for reasons of health hazards, ecology and economy.

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