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Why our N2O Gas Plant?

We ensure in our nitrous oxide gas plant design that its production capacity is used to its maximum while keeping inputs at minimum. We do not compromise on gas purity and it is at par with the world standards. We also offer maintenance and training program to our customers while supplying all sorts of workforce to run the plant if and when needed. Purity is 99.9% and it meets the European and American Pharmaceutical standards. It contain the following features :
  • Product purity meets world standards.
  • Extra care for safety is provided in plant layout
  • A cylinder testing station is provided to test cylinders
  • A small laboratory known as batch testing lab is used to maintain complete analysis of batch produced in the plant
  • Complete back up and support is provided
  • We offer the designs which are modular, making the maintenance easy, and affordable.
  • World's best yield guaranteed in our plant
  • Free training and goods after sale service is also provided
  • Special safety features incorporated in the plant
  • Skid mounted, modular design occupies less space
  • Double drier provided
  • Complete laboratory equipment for testing of gas is provided with plant as standard accessory

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